“A good Scrum master can serve a few teams. A great Scrum Master will serve only one”.

rephrasing Michael James


There’s an ongoing debate on whether a team needs a full time Scrum master for the long run or not. Many teams feels that the duties of SM only fills a part of his day, and therefore he can do more than "just be a Scrum Master”.  In some cases the expectation from the SM was to pick up tasks like any team member, in other cases the SM was working with 2 or 3 teams in parallel, and in other teams spread the roles of the SM between various team members (and not having a dedicated person as the SM).  And there are of course many more options.

and honestly speaking, all are valid solutions that can be really effective. What I did learn over the years though, is that no matter how you approach this, you should always keep in mind the following when you decide on how to approach this:

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Why we created Practical Agile?

Get your paper tissues ready, as this is a love story. Maybe we should make a Hollywood movie of it someday. Well, jokes aside, it really is, albeit not in the romantic sense.

Elad, Lior and I set Practical Agile in 2012. To be precise, the day the company was minted was the day of the first Agile Practitioners conference, and the two organizations go hand in hand. One is a commercial organization, the other non-profit.

But I am ahead of myself. A little bit of background first.

The three of us, Elad, Lior and I, had various experiences of working in organizations. By using two vignettes (Elad loves it when I use this word) I will divide these experiences into two major groups:

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