Foreward Regarding Recipes

A friend once told me about a tradition in their family. When a couple gets engaged, the brides grandmother bakes their wedding cake. As I am a person that loves stories and metaphors, I will now tell you this story and analogise it to making great Scrum Masters.

So the grandmother follows a traditional recipe. This begins as soon as the young couple announces their engagement. The grandmother makes a three layered cake, mounted on a pedestal. She then attends to the cake every week, pouring a shot of premium whiskey on top.Two years later, shortly before the wedding ceremony, she ices the cake to be presented and later shared by the newly wed couple.

Like cakes, there are many recipes to become Scrum Masters. I am now sharing one of them with you.


I have a confession to make: My name is Anat, and I was infected with the agile virus while I was a product owner.
The first agile technique that made me look at the system differently was the minimum viable product (MVP). The moment I realized what it means, I asked myself: “why have I ever invested time in infrastructure that I do not know I'm ever going to use?”or “why have I ever invested 2 months on a feature that I do not know my customers even find value in?”
MVP is one of the most important techniques, and it’s important to notice that its power is matched only by the amount of confusion it causes, because it's actually quite hard to do. It requires judgment to figure out, for any given context, what MVP actually means. 


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