While i expect this to be rare and unfamiliar to most of my readers, in some organizations there are managers that sometimes complain about teams, specifically about their productivity and quality. As an external, i often do not have the knowledge to really form an opinion about this, and as a developer i have my gut feeling and instinct, and to be honest, sometimes when i look at what the team is able to produce in a single iteration i think that: Indeed this seems like not a lot of functionality for 7 people to achieve in 2 weeks. 
While this is all good and nice, this is not a good enough tool to analyze the dynamics that lead to the problem in productivity.


Every so often I get a request to bring Agile to the organization, but without the extra stuff.

Here are some examples:

  • We want to do Scrum, but without the self organization stuff. Just the Scrum part.
  • Teamwork is not important for us. Anyway each person gets his plans from me.
  • I want them to do Agile, only after I finish writing the architecture specification for them.
  • We want the exact same agile across all the organization. Please make sure everyone adheres to the process that we have defined.
  • We're doing Agile for X years now, and they haven't figured out how to plan a release.
  • And the list goes on.

In an analogy, consider the following statements:



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