Achi Solomon – Scrum Master – Verint

Ilan has been coaching me and my SCRUM team for more than half a year – I must say that the end results are impressive – our team have received a certificate for outstanding performance out more than 50 scrum teams, and Ilan had much to do with it.

At first it was hard, I did not get the message Ilan was trying to pass to me – later I understood that Ilan want me to find the answer my self, so I will have the tools in order to find the answers myself in the future.
Giving away an answer for the current issue would have helped me in the current situation, but what Ilan did gave me tools for life.

Which tools did Ilan give me?
• The ability to observe what is happening in the team from the soft perspective, and point out stuff we need to talk about.
• The understanding that being more effective means having better Trust, communication, commitment in the team .
• The ability to Motivate team members, build a responsible & accountable team.
• Lots of SCRUM tools & techniques to improve these areas.

Basically, when I met Ilan, I was a “Scrum dude”, Ilan helped me develop in to a “Scrum Mom”, and I hope that using the tools he gave me I would be my “True Scrum Master”.

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