Practical Agile is introducing a unique Start-Ups program for Accelerators

Agile Accelerator

ExitThe new offering enables Accelerators to bring Start-Ups to results in shortened periods and with extended visibility on products and process. This new offering enables Start-Ups to focus on results, and Accelerators to take timely responsible decisions.

Offering Main Features

  • 12 week program
  • Up to 7 Start-Up companies in each round
  • Initial Analysis of Start-Ups
  • Training in innovative principles and practices for product-development processes and practices
  • Weekly sessions with each Start-Up

A Start-Up company that successfully completes the program will gain and practice expert knowledge in short-cycle software product development, in high quality and tight connection to its market.

While Agile Accelerator?

As already known for several years, the Exit success rates for Start-Ups are mediocre at best. Apart for the Y-Combinator enviable successes, most accelerators lag way behind. Jared Konczal’s 2012 Forbes article remains painfully relevant. A glance at Seed-DB’s database reveals that things are much the same today.

Number of Exits per Accelerator. Source: Konczal's 2012 article. The red-circle marks Y-Combinator.

How is Agile Accelerator different?

The program’s weekly sessions are multi-disciplinary, and cover market analysis and requirements, Start-Up oriented Agile software development processes, advanced software engineering practices and organizational consulting as required.

What is included?

  • Initial Analysis: company goals match analysis, mastery level of requirements authoring and realization, mastery and knowledge level of engineering practices, group dynamics and more.
  • Working paper to define the work going forward – which organizational aspects to focus on – to match Agile Accelerator to the specific needs of each Start-Up.
  • Requirements generation and prioritization, collect users’ feedback, requirements authoring that promotes successful implementation.
  • Market analysis in methods and frequency to match the Start-Up’s needs, following The Lean Start-ups concepts.
  • Empirical program-execution tracking and program adjustments according to changing reality.
  • Practical visual tools to reflect program-execution status.
  • Knowledge and hands-on experience in Continuous Delivery.
  • Knowledge and hands-on experience in high-quality software development, such as BDD (Behavioral Driven Design).
  • Knowledge and hands-on experience in leading teams and employees to high-motivation and focus on goals.
  • Management team building.
  • Various other consulting and implementation aspects according to the changing needs.

What are the benefits for Accelerators?

Agile Accelerator helps Start-Ups reach business results at maximum speed. All Practical Agile experts are up-to-date in software development, hence the consulting is focused on the Start-Ups’ goals.

In addition, Agile Accelerator reveals in a short cycle whether the Start-Up fits its market, and make timely decisions in order to increase the return-on-investment and the Start-Up’s success odds.

Why should you acquire Agile Accelerator?

Software development is deemed a complex and complicated field, with a gap between domain and business experts, who lack software-development understanding, to software-programming experts, who lack business and knowledge domain implications.

Our experts evolved in similar environments. The difficulty to bring a working software product quickly in order to test business assumptions is our home-turf. In today’s reality there are few companies that successfully deliver working software fast enough and in adequate quality.

Our vast experience enables us to teach and to implement easy-to-deploy practices, and measure their results in a very short feedback-loop.

About Practical Agile

Practical Agile was formed in 2012 by three senior Agile Software Development experts out of desire to help software organizations and their employees passionately love their work, and by doing so create products that customers love to use and to consume.

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