Agile Clinic for Startup Leaders

Agile Clinic for Startup Leaders is a focused consulting session at Practical Software offices. It is a cost-effective way for startups leaders to get access to all Practical Agile and Practical Software experts without the need for a long term consulting engagement.

A focused session to analyze and suggest solutions for leadership and management dilemmas, organization structure, role definitions, work processes or development practices – including advanced engineering practices

Who is it for?

Startup leaders that wish to consult on a specific dilemma or problem, but don’t require a longer term engagement.

What kind of problems can I bring?

Anything to do relating to product development in a startup: product management, R&D, org structure, …

Examples for typical StartUp challenges and dilemmas:

  • What is the right organization structure for us?
    How many levels of hierarchy should we aim for in our startup?
  • Should we define a vision for our startup? And how?
    How should we engage new recruits with our vision?
  • How to grow the team without slowing down?
  • How do we attract and hire talent suitable for us?
  • How do we choose the right outsourcing partners for us?
    When should we use outsourcing and when not to?
  • Which tools should we use to build the right product and features (and to build it right)?
    And then how do we handle frequent changing priorities?
    How do we prioritize in a frantic business environment?
  • At what point should we add managers?
  • How to handle research in the backlog?
  • How to handle integration bottlenecks between Frontend and Backend developers?
  • How to shift from MVP to real product without making a mess?

What is the model?

We begin with a short phone call to jointly understand whether this is a good tool for you, and to choose the right expert/s to hold the session.

You will have a choice of all our experts from Practical Agile and from Practical Software.

We meet at Practical Software offices in Qiriat Ono.

The session can range from 1:1 and up to 4 executives in the room.

How do we start?

Please call Dalit Dasht for availability and pricing.

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