Avi Guzansky, Head of Engineering Department – Development experience at SAP

I’ve worked with Naama for 3 years, she was the Lean and Agile mentor of the newly created organizations, we had many challenges around work models, scaling, setup, team building and many more.

Naama was part of the management team and worked closely with me and the other managers to face these challenges.

Naama pushed us toward agile thinking, invested a lot of effort in workshops, meetings, interviews, observations to many other activates to put us on track, to get over many of the challenges.

Naama worked with managers and leader to implement different methods for agile work, improve the ScM and product owner work with community of practices sessions and personal work.

Created with me the organizational retheme to support the different needs we had.

Mentor young managers and escorted countless workshops and offsites.

Her ability to mentor, lead workshops, moderate discussion is excellent we used it extensively and we really miss it now.

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