Could you identify a great scrum master? Are you one?

I am huge believer in the scrum master role as a leader without authority.
Strong scrum master(s) can change the world, or at least the organization. Bad scrum master(s) team can keep the organization standing still, or getting worse..

During my work as an agile coach I have identified certain things that many great  scrum masters / people leaders do.

While writing this blog post, I wanted to make you, the reader, think on the following questions:

  1. Are my scrum masters / People leaders fit this description?
  2. Do I fit this description?

If the answer is “Yes”: Great! You have been reinforced.

If the answer is “No”: Where is the gap? Would you like to improve in this area? (If yes, I probably can help you here, let’s talk). Maybe you disagree?

I would be happy for you to share your thoughts, and receive feedback, after you complete this 3 minutes read.

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