1 day

Lecturers:  Lior Friedman / Ilan Kirschenbaum 

Retrospective Game Retreat

You will experience different games and activities to use in your retrospectives. This toolkit will help you push the team/s forward to continuous improvement.

This one day workshop is part of the Scrum Master Week. You may choose to attend the entire week, or pick and choose the right days for you.

Target audience:  Fresh and experienced Scrum Masters who appreciate the importance of retrospectives, and struggle with making them effective, productive and (not least important) fun.

Workshop Outline

  • Retrospective recommended structure
  • Retrospective goals - on what to focus and on what not to 
  • Different techniques to gather data
  • Different techniques to analyze data and generate insights
  • Different techniques to create effective action items (decide what to do)
  • Traps and pitfalls of retrospectives


Eventbrite - SM Week: Retrospective Game Retreat - June 27, 2017