First certified LeSS, (Large Scale Scrum), Israeli training in pictures (and text)

Last week 13 people gathered together with me for 3 days of learning and exploring the Less (Large Scale Scrum) framework. And what a ride it was…

Day 1

We started the journey with describing the roots and history of LeSS and to figure out what the LeSS framework is all about, we then delved into the intriguing 10 principles of the LeSS framework. We experimented with Queuing theory, Lean thinking, System thinking and Causal loop diagrams.

Day 2

On the second day we discussed the meaning of a product, the role of the single Product Owner role, how to deal with really big backlogs, the Definition of Done and the organizational structure that LeSS encourages,
we have also discussed the Role of the ScrumMaster and other supporting structures that are part of the LeSS framework.

Each topic was covered by discussions and exercises.

Day 3

The third day included topics such as working in Sprints, multi-team synchronization and coordination – which we have challenged some of the basic assumptions that many people have with regards to this issue.
We also talked about the technical side of things and even had a demonstration of the TDD development method, and of course the topic of the Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective and Overall Retrospective.

To close we explored the role of management in a LeSS organization and discussed working in multisite.


I had a lot of fun and i was able to keep a high level of energy throughout the training, it felt like the participants feel the same.
The biggest challenge was the fact that we had only 3 days… To be able to balance the amount of exercises  and theory and still be able to walk through all major topics is very hard and i am sure that if I had 4 or even 5 days, i could still fill the time with useful topics and discussions.

I want to congratulate the first Israeli Certified LeSS practitioners: Guy Nachimson, Alon Cohen, Ayala Makmel, Ziv Lifshits, Yoel Tahover, Irena Label, Eldad Yehoshafat, Ilan Lifshits, Tal Druyan, Ilan Kirschenbaum, Anat Alon, Orna Shapira, Rony Shapira

If you are interested in joining the next LeSS public training, or you are interested in having a private training in your organization please do not hesitate and contact me or Tal Druyan

May the force be with you.

Elad Sofer
Certified LeSS Trainer @ Practical Agile

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