Introduction to the LeSS Framework

The Introduction to LeSS – Large Scale Scrum framework provides a peek into the Large Scale Scrum framework used by many global enterprises and companies.  Click here for

LeSS is packed with proven advice and practices for achieving value fast on large and complex projects.

It provides a start-to-finish approach for large initiatives across the entire project spectrum and lifecycle.

The LeSS framework enables the scaling of:

  • Scrum for large-scale projects
  • Requirements, planning, and product management
  • Design and architecture
  • Management of defects and interruptions
  • Scrum across multisite and offshore projects
  • Change strategies and organisational designs.

Course outline

  • Introduction
  • Scrum, LeSS and LeSS Huge Overview
  • LeSS Principles


Each of the topics includes an exploration of applying the practices using individual and team exercises. The exercises illustrates how to transfer the training into practice.

Every exercise ends with a debrief and a discussion, so that people can relate what they’ve learned to their own situation, and bring up questions and experiences to be addressed by the whole group.

The trainer

Elad Sofer is a very experienced Developer, Agile Coach and Trainer, he is one of the Agile pioneers in Israel and have been dealing with Agile in general and specifically agile at scale since 2007. Elad still likes to get his hands dirty and develop software using different languages and agile engineering practices such as BDD, TDD, Pair programming and more.

Elad is one of the first LeSS trainers in the world and the first in Israel, and refrained for a long time from getting any trainer certificate (You can hear about the reasons over a cup of coffee).

Target Audience

This course is aimed at Scrum masters, Agile coaches, managers and team members who are involved in large agile project and development initiatives.

Certifies Less Practitioner

While this one day does not provides the “LeSS practitioner” certification, people who attend this one day can get certified by choosing to attend days 2 & 3 of the Certified LeSS Practitioner training 


Unless otherwise stated, the workshop runs 1 days, 9:30 to 17:00.

What people that participated say:

  •  “Charming Elad, training was wonderful, filled with useful content. The clarifications of Scrum and Agile were important and relevant.When we focused on LeSS and LeSS hugh i could imagine my organization in most of examples and explanations which very much fit my needs.

    I have written down at least 10 things i would like to try with my team and my organization and you have given me plenty of food for thought, Thanks.” – Irena Label

  • “Amazing course. Learnt a lot of new and interesting stuff which I’m going to share and implement in my organization.” – Alon Cohen
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