It’s going to change the way you see the world

I am sorry to break this to you. Even if you’ve realised this before, this blog post is for you just the same.
You will never be able to look at situations any other way – both at work and elsewhere.
You will see it in movies, and find it in books.
Speaking of books, you will read other kinds of books. You will become an avid learner. You will wish you have been such a learner earlier in life.

Yes, it will change you.

It will start as a work only thing, most probably: Having a Scrum board, figuring out what a Burndown chart can offer, get the idea behind relative estimations.
And then it will start creeping in to other aspects.
You will learn more effective ways to give and receive feedback.
Understand systems, how they work, and how to tweak them.
Write better code. Make better tests.
And it will gradually affect your life-life, not only your work-life.

You will start trying out practices at home and with friends. Heck, you might even experiment with a Scrum board at home.
You will see opportunities for improvement at the supermarket, on the road system, at school, even in hospitals. Not that you will be able to influence all of them. Probably not even few of them.

But if you will affect one non-work system for the better – you will feel head over heels.
Initially you might try it out on everyone and everything. Like a new toy.
Gradually you will learn how to recognise the appropriate opportunities to exercise your influence.
The more you know, the more humble you will become.
The more humble you will become, the more you will be respected.
The more you will be respected, the more opportunities you will have to make an impact.

I am sorry to break this to you. If you feel this blog post is written about you (even if this is the first time you realized this), you have already infected with the agile virus.
Being an Agile Coach will change you forever.
I would like to invite you to read more about our Agile Coaching Program and welcome you for making your world better every day.

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