Management Consulting

As organizations increase their agility, senior management is expected to adapt their management style to match. Paraphrasing on Conway’s Law, the architecture of the organization is limited by the architecture of its management teams.

Moreover, as the number of middle managers with significant agile experience increases, the potential for tension with traditional higher management increases.

We Can Help!

Practical Agile is uniquely positioned to coach and consult to senior management, having unmatched qualities, such as:

  • Practical Agile team of directors: Elad, Lior and Ilan are highly experienced software professionals, with proven ability to address organizational, leadership and technical aspects of any agile transition.
  • Our team has experience with multiple organization types. For example: software and hardware, small, medium and up to enterprise sized, self-contained to highly-integrative products, and much more.
  • Our team has proven knowledge and experience in a wide variety of management dilemmas, such as:
    • Organizational structure
    • Software architecture
    • Scaling agile
    • Management team building
    • Coach the coach: helping managers evolve their subordinate managers
    • Organizational consulting
    • Advanced problem solving techniques
    • Hands-on testing and programming (it’s hard to BS us!)
    • And of course, rich knowledge and experience with the Agile landscape

How does Management Consulting work?

The working model is based on weekly or bi-weekly with individual managers or with management teams.

During our mutual work we will define purpose and goals for the consulting, devise tools to measure progress and improvement, and build an agile model for your consulting journey.

All Practical Agile directors are also acting agile practitioners and learners, making us unique in that aspect in the local and regional agile consulting landscape.

What to Know More?

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