MVP – Not only for startups

Several weeks ago, Josef (pseudonym), a dad from my son’s school contacted me and sent me a link to this article: “A Before-School Exercise Program May Help Children Thrive”. After reading the article, I talked to Josef and agreed with him that I will take it with the principle and carry it forward.

The next morning, I talked to the principle Oren (pseudonym). I requested to arrange a pilot – MVP – of a sports activity for about 30 minutes. Oren was enthusiastic about the idea. Due to the school’s busy schedule, we planned the activity for the following week.

On the following week, Josef and I took one age group for a short run. After that, we had a short game with the kids. The kids were thrilled.

For the following two weeks, we repeated the activity once a week with a different age group. In the fourth week, we already had 4 different age groups exercising once a week.

What’s the point of this story? During the 4th week, I found out that Josef has been trying to introduce sports exercises for kids for the past 6 years. He prepared a detailed 3-page proposal to promote sports activity at school in 2014. He talked to the previous principle and Oren, the new principle. Unfortunately, owing to many reasons, nothing worked.

Sometimes all you need is an MVP.

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