The Responsibility Process® – Building a Culture of Responsibility

A Master Class for Senior Managers and their Coaches

Do people around you waste valuable time and energy not taking ownership for obvious and important problems?

  • You strive to be efficient but encounter resistance and defensiveness around you
  • You want to improve productivity but keep rehashing old issues
  • You try to introduce change but banging your head on the wall hurts

Now, with with The Responsibility Process®—the world’s first how-to approach for understanding, taking, and teaching personal responsibility—you can confidently build a culture where people take responsibility and demonstrate ownership.

Why attend?

Like it or not, the senior manager is responsible for it all, the good and the bad. That means the executive can be seen as a primary reason for all outcomes. Period.

How does a true leader handle that responsibility?

Delegation and role accountability are important for results. But what if people don’t take personal responsibility for their work? Maybe fear, blame, or just plain uncertainty stops them.

Or what if avoiding responsibility is part of your culture? Executives and managers can “drive” accountability, but if the feelings of responsibility aren’t there, very little happens.

Now, with The Responsibility Process research of recent decades, you can understand precisely how personal responsibility works in the mind — how we take it, and how we avoid it.

With this framework and knowledge you can…

  • demonstrate it at higher levels (the mark of leadership)
  • lead and coach others to take responsibility
  • take decisions that ignite responsibility in others rather than kill it, and
  • methodically build a culture of responsibility.

CEOs and senior executives using The Responsibility Process say it offers them the most powerful framework they know for…

  • Self-leadership
  • Problem-ownership
  • Leading change
  • A core organizing principle and shared language for sense-making
  • Coaching and leading others
  • Developing teams of shared responsibility
  • Fostering a culture of responsibility
  • Resolving issues of accountability and responsibility

Senior managers at all levels enhance their leadership abilities using The Responsibility Process.

Who should attend?

Consider this workshop if you are a senior manager (or their coach) who must lead through others.

  • How you lead yourself is critical to your own freedom, power, and choice.
  • How you demonstrate leadership is critical to those around you..
  • How you make decisions and solve problems shows how you lead, what behavior you advocate, and what behavior you tolerate (or don’t).

The spotlight is always on, and it’s on you. You want that spotlight to show the practice of responsible leadership at it’s finest.

Benefits of attending

  • Learn how your mind — indeed, everyone’s — processes thoughts about taking and avoiding responsibility
  • Apply this mental pattern, i.e., The Responsibility Process, to self-leadership
  • Unlock your natural ability to live and lead with power
  • Study and apply the three keys to responsibility and leadership
  • Gain profound knowledge about how the mind works and why people do what they do
  • Make important shifts in how you lead others to take responsibility for themselves
  • Make important shifts in how you coach others to step up to responsibility
  • Study the three main drivers of responsibility in any culture
  • Realize Accountability ≠ Responsibility, and what to do about it (lead for personal responsibility over role accountability)
  • Adopt a powerful core organizing model and language for your team and organization
  • Build a culture of responsibility
  • Face big challenges
  • Overcome obstacles

Each participant will receive

  • Your own copy of Christopher’s new book: The Responsibility Process – Unlocking Your Natural Ability to Live and Lead with Power – a $20 (USD) value
  • A certificate of completion you can use to claim professional development or continuing education credits from your association.

Learn with the expert

Christopher Avery “The Responsibility Process guy” is a reformed management consultant.

After a decade helping corporations help smart, ambitious professionals find ways to cope with lives they don’t want and think they can’t change, Christopher realized coping skills are overrated. A better skill is knowing how to apply your innate leadership ability to face and overcome any challenge.

That’s freeing.

Today he supports leaders and leadership teams in generating newfound freedom, choice, and power for themselves and others. How? By advancing the world’s first proven how-to approach for understanding, teaching, and taking personal responsibility.

A speaker with style and substance, Christopher’s message is popular with audiences interested in agility, more leadership (not more leaders), and results that matter. He authored the popular classic Teamwork Is An Individual Skill for everyone who wants to be done with bad teams. His new book The Responsibility Process offers practices gleaned from twenty-five years of applied research on responsibility-taking and leadership.

He’s the host of The Leadership Gift Program and its worldwide community of leaders and coaches who are mastering responsibility and producing results that matter. Christopher is the CEO of Partnerwerks, Inc., the leadership development firm.

Wondering why so many smart people spend unhappy lives at work, he left a perfectly good job in his mid-twenties to return to school and earn a Ph.D. in organization science from the University of Texas at Austin.

Don’t call Christopher if you don’t want to change.

Typical Agenda/Syllabus

Christopher is always tweaking workshop designs. You can expect this agenda to be fairly accurate.

Day 1 Morning – What is a Culture of Responsibility?

  • Accountability ≠ Responsibility
  • The Return on Investing in a Culture of Responsibility
  • The Role of Leadership – 7 Things You Can Do to Craft a Culture of Responsibility
  • Social Drivers of Responsibility (Adjusting the Dials)

Day 1 Afternoon – The Psychology and Communication of Responsibility

  • Experiencing The Responsibility Process
  • Applying The Keys to Responsibility and Self-Leadership
  • How to Elevate Responsibility in Others
  • Is Response-Ability the Essence of Agility?

Day 2 Morning – The Leadership Paradox — Power (empowerment) or Control?

  • The Leadership ParadoxDilemma — Power or Control?
  • Leading Responsible Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • How to Build Teams of Shared Responsibility
  • Pursuing Mastery

Day 2 Afternoon  – Developing Your Culture-Building Practice

  • Responsibly Managing Accountability
  • Giving Feedback Responsibly
  • Your Topics
  • Next Steps to Change Yourself and Your Culture

What past attendees say:

“It was amazing.  My feedback from my leadership team was “it was the best training that I have ever had.  Period.”  I can’t add much to that.”
Glenn Lovelace, CEO, PVT, Inc.

“Every time we study with you  our business shifts into another gear.”
Thomas Houdeshel, CEO, All-Plastics

“Powerful results for our senior leadership team in just two days. Avery’s content is on par with Steven Covey, Jim Collins, and Patrick Lencioni”.
Angela Tucci, CEO, APTO

“This material rocked my thinking about leadership and powered up my leadership team. We shifted the culture of our business and our supply chain joint ventures. It fueled our success.”
Jamin Patrick, CEO, Entrepreneur

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