What makes a good Scrummer? Well, if I knew an exact formula, I would be too busy selling it to Scrum-wannabees than writing tips about Scrum ;-)

On a more serious note, the differences between organizations is so great, that any ten tips will never be good enough for all.

Nonetheless, I’ve gathered some of the things I found helpful in early stages of Scrum adaptations.

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Some people refer to sprints as mini-waterfalls. Well, that’s a mistake, sprint are not that.  But a mistake or not, doing a Mini-Waterfalls still seem to be a natural step for some people when they start with their Agile transformation. 
So how do you create a mini-waterfall?
Well its not very hard like anything else when you create a mini-X you start by taking the X for example:
And then you do the same thing just smaller. Like this:

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One of the most common discussion that always seem to pop up again and again, is whether Scrum /Agile is good or bad. I don’t know why, but in most cases, it’s starts with a claim that Scrum is not  good since it… and then state a reason. (Or with the claim that Agile is dead)

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