Our Team – Uri Goldstein

Uri Goldstein is a veteran software developer and consultant. Highly committed to the creation of beautiful, profitable software, his skills range from building teams to fulfill their potential, to engineering enterprise grade software system architectures that meet challenging KPIs. Uri has spent his career in companies ranging in size from 4 person startups to one of the world’s largest financial institutions and is eager to share knowledge and insights both advising one one one and publicly speaking at meetups and conferences. People, technology and innovation are the fuel that drives him forward.

email: uri@practical-agile.com
twitter: @urig
linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/urigoldstein/

Naama Gafni Lifshitz

Naama is an Agile thinker and process tinker.

She has vast experience in implementing Lean and Agile from a single team to a scaled organization.

She bring deep understanding of agile and organizational processes, and loves finding the right path for the organization to implement these principles in the day to day practices.

She loves working with various parts of the organization – Management, Engineering and Product, and leading the organization to a holistic and systematic improvement

Naama has a BSc. in Industrial Engineering and is a certified Coach and NLP Practitioner

email: naama@practical-agile.com
twitter: @NaamaGL
linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/naama-gafni-lifshitz/

Our Team – Dalit Dasht

Dalit is our CHO (Customer happiness officer) of Practical Agile. While all other team members are busy coaching and training with customers, Dalit makes sure that our customers are happy, helps us coordinate the meetings and opportunities, attends to every need our current and potential customers may have and leads all marketing and sales efforts.
If you want to work with us you will probably have the opportunity of communicating with Dalit.  Which is a good thing 🙂 Try and see…
Phone number: +972-52-3577844

Our Team – Anat Alon

Anat is a passionate and seasoned IT professional with a successful track record in various domains. As a developer she felt that the word ‘team’ was only relevant at lunch time, as the rest of the time everyone worked alone. As a product manager, she was frustrated with the unrealized potential of her development teams, who were constantly missing deadlines. Then, when Anat implemented Scrum for the first time, she was amazed by the huge improvement that Agile brought to the organization. The teams were empowered to make decisions, and continually improved, product quality increased, and most importantly everyone was having fun. These benefits are what Anat brings to the companies and teams she now coaches and mentors.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anat-alon-salhov-a43b453a/
email: anat@practical-agile.com

Einav Hershkovitz

Einav is one of the two members in the team that  you won’t see coaching Agile or scrum (the other one is Dalit).
But she’s doing all the rest- logistics, finance, administrative issues etc.
Einav has a B.A (honors) in Management  and Marketing from Ben Gurion University and has been in banking, logistics and insurance in the last 10 years.
Owner of “Checklist- administration services in outsourcing”

Our Team – Orna Shapira

Orna is a veteran Agile consultant; applying Agile in R&D lifecycle, project management, and business processes.
As all of the practical team, Orna has comprehensive experience in software development, system architecture, sales engineering, and product management.

Orna is experienced in analyzing the current situation of the organizational process, and leading change processes respectively; through Agile adoption & improved organizational processes. Proficient in translating business vision and strategy into R&D results.

Orna has written her MBA thesis on “improving business performance using strong business strategy and vision”.

email: orna@practical-agile.com

Our Team: Gil Zilberfeld

Gil Zilberfeld has been in software since childhood, writing BASIC programs on his trusty Sinclair ZX81. With more than twenty years of developing commercial software, he has vast experience in software methodology and practices.
Gil is an agile consultant, applying agile principles for the last decade. From automated testing to exploratory testing, design practices to team collaboration, scrum to kanban, and lean-startup methods – he’s done it all. He is still learning from his successes and failures.
Gil speaks frequently in international conferences about unit testing, TDD, agile practices and communication. He blogs at http://www.gilzilberfeld.com and in his spare time he shoots zombies, for fun.

email: gil@practical-agile.com
twitter: @gil_zilberfeld