Dear Ilan Kirschenbaum

I met you as a consultant working with a development group that I led in Cisco in 2016.

We worked together for about 6 months, during which you taught me management models, approaches and terms related to Agile and in general.

During this period I had a chance to observe and participate in various activities you ran with my group. During these months we worked together I implemented with your support management principles within the Cisco organizational constraints at the time, and we succeeded to bring meaningful changes in the group.

Later on, when I moved to other organizations, in management roles, I frequently used the things I learned from you. I used the knowledge and models while implementing vision and strategy, when facing conflicts and when dealing with complex management decisions.

I found myself frequently quoting you, and research you referred me to, in meetings and while working with my subordinates. I felt that your coaching had a meaningful and long term influence on me, long beyond the period we worked together. 

I want to thank you for the tools you provided me with, and the knowledge tips you generously gave even after our formal work together has ended. I hope we will have opportunities to work together in the future. I am sure you have a lot more to contribute to me!

With appreciation,

Efrat Belams 

Automations manager

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Thanks Anat for the course

The feedbacks I got from the team leads and participants were very positive.

In particular people mentioned the exercises that illustrated the delivered concepts very well, and gave a sense of learning and implementing.

My expectation from the workshop was fully delivered. People understood the basis upon which the agile approach is set, and now we are left with building a sound tower on the wide and stable foundation that you have laid.

In 2004 I went on an XP programming course, and then in 2010 on an agile workshop and two Scrum Master workshops in Israel and in US. Still, listening to you was interesting and beneficial and fruitful.


Omer Koreh,

Metadata Domain Manager,


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We had the opportunity to have Ilan from Practical agile lead a workshop for team building for one of our project leadership teams.

This was a great experience for us, and we learned a lot from it.

First of all, Ilan invested a full day interviewing the people in the relevant teams, and created an holistic working document of the current state of the team.

During the workshop itself, Ilan used various techniques and tools to assist people realize evaluate their teamwork.

And what does it mean to be a team and how they can continuously improve their joint work.

This workshop still resonates in the organization, not only with its deliverable, but mostly with the massages we got out of it. It was used as a reference for discussions on organizational structure concepts and added important parameters to our decision making

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Elad did a couple for workshops for my group, one for the entire cross functional group and one for Scrum Masters. 
Both workshops were amazing. Elad knows how to pass the “Agile Mindset” to everyone and help us plan our Scrum implementation.

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CyberArk R&D and me works with Lior for already 2 years, and more ahead. For the past 2 years, Lior and his team guided us, and helped us to understand the importance of automation. But beside changing our mindset, Lior also helped us to guide and implement the ideas of automation, TDD, etc… in our development teams.

Lior comes with an open mind, and sharp eyes. He learns really quickly, analyze the pains and recommend. He has the high level conceptual understanding of Agile, but he is also technically, and capable of bringing the technical aspects that serves the conceptual ideas.

Lior and his team presented a very professional and open approach, and managed to contribute and touch most of our teams.

Lior grooms the long term relations, and push to understand where and how he can help us to be even better.

Also, Lior is actively working to join us in the Agile community.


I think, that if you look for someone that will help you to understand what to do, but later will also help you to implement – but – in open and sharp mind – Practical Agile and Lior are for you.

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My team and I have worked with Elad for about six months now, during which we learned and are still learning how to have an agile process, but more than that - how to be a responsible team, a team that asks questions, gets to the bottom of things, doesn't take anything for granted, and is accountable for its' commitment. 

Elad makes the process about the people, and I think that's what is very intuitive and easy going in the work we did with him, and also makes it fun

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Ilan has coached me for about a year and I highly recommend Ilan for those who are looking for a continuous improvement. 
He always knows how to analyze a complicated situation wisely and brings smart insights and effective ways for solutions. 
Sometimes its amazing to see how Ilan pays attentions to the really effective things - The ones others just can't see.

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I worked with Ilan in four years. We were a pioneer in adopting Scrum methodology in R&D organization and a many people were passive in our success. 
Help Ilan change the way of thinking of many people at all levels: fresh and expert developers, development managers, product managers and more important he managed to change the organization state of mind. 
Based on Ilan’s coach we build dedicated, motivated and talent developers, committed to their commitment scrum teams and educated managers. 
I would like to recommend Ilan to every organization that looking to be innovated and succeeded.

Yan Shteckel - R&D Development Manager - Amdocs

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Having been asked to assist World Bank/IMF in understanding/ redefining organization needs of the post-Communist Public Sector in health delivery and education systems, I am pleased for my productive contact with Mr. Kirschenbaum. Our focus is on wedding IT capabilities with new, Integrated Social Systems which will draw need to draw on new software capabilities. His willingness to take the time to explain the complexities of agility, skills in active listening that clarify confusions, his choice of furthering his training from the area of Human Relations is telling, and correct. In face of the deepest concerns the present economic chaos has loosed, much hope for solutions rest with young people such as him who can harness dedication for repair with the highest human and technological know how.

Dr. Laszlo Petrovics - Psychologist 
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When I proposed to organize a CoachRetreat in Tel-Aviv, Ilan jumped to the opportunity. 
With just little explaination (a few skype chat's) he lead the third CoachRetreat in a great way. 
He understood the spirit and thanks to him 20 people had a great day. 

Yves Hanoulle - Creative  Collaboration Agent: facilitator of innovation

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