The Retrospective workshop is a one day training module that can be either added to any series of agile related trainings or can be conducted as a stand alone training. During this workshop participants will gain better and deeper understanding of the retrospective meeting. Participants shall explore different ways to facilitate a retrospective while understanding pro's and con's of the different styles and activities.



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Advanced Scrum master workshop is a 1 day workshop that can be added on top of the Scrum training or done separately, unlike the Practical scrum training which is targeted for all roles in Scrum, this workshop will provide a toolkit for daily work of the new and experienced Scrum masters.

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Lecture: Ilan Kirschenbaum

  • Does it seem that the team never understands what you mean?
  • Having a hard time splitting user stories to shippable items?
  • Struggling with predicting when will we reach the deadline?
  • Having a hard time with prioritization of requirements?

If the answer to the questions above is yes, you may want may want to attend this workshop
The Agile product owner workshop is 1 a day experiential training.
This workshop will provide a better and deeper understanding of the Agile Product owner role which will help the PO to improve his efficiency resulting in a better product.


Our next workshop: July 28th 2020
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