Clean and well designed code is the key to a maintainable software. Unfortunately, many teams struggle to achieve this in real life. Everyone wants shorter development times, increased productivity and better quality software – this can be achieved mainly by acquiring good coding skills.


Target Audience

This workshop is for java or c# developers, who are looking for skills that will help them write a much more maintainable code and easy to work with.


You will leave this one day workshop with

·         Skills and practices that will help you write a much more flexible, readable and bugs free code.

·         A strong knowledge of your IDE's capabilities with regard to code improvements



·         Introduction

·         Goals

·         Practices:

        DRY - single source of truth

        Meaningful names

        DO ONE THING! (Methods)

        Cyclomatic complexity

        Negative conditionals

       Method arguments

        Command-Query separation

        Error handling


        Law of Demeter

        High cohesion

        Low coupling


        Composition over inheritance 

·          IDE supporting operations: 


        Extract Method

        Introduce Parameter Object

        Extract Class

        Extract Superclass

        Extract Interface

        Move Method/Field

        Pull Up / Push Down

        Invert ‘If’ statement

        Split ‘||’ condition

        Exchange ‘If’ statements

 ·         Hands-on exercise



Unless otherwise stated, the workshop runs 1 day, 9:30 to 17:30.


What people that participated say:

  • "Excellent organization. The workshop order makes sense, allowing to ramp up easily. 
    Itzik delivered the lessons very clearly, answering questions. 
    Overall I feel I learned loads from the workshop". Maor Cohen, Myheritage [Translated from Hebrew]

  • "Very challenging, interesting, professional".
    Thank you". Michael Bunimovich, Optimal Plus [Translated from Hebrew]

  • "The workshop was interesting and provided fairly simple tools that make a lot sense.
    The trainer was clear and professional.
    The venue is great. The atmosphere at Daniel hotel was enjoyable and fun". Anonymous [Translated from Hebrew]


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