This course is a 2 day training with a goal to explain the what how and why do we do Scrum. The course will go through all of the major topics related to scrum including: Agile, the Scrum framework, self organizing teams and engineering practices that are common for Scrum teams.

In addition to the theoretical know-how that we will cover, a lot of exercises and discussions will take place in order to get a feel of things. During those two days, the participants will gradually simulate a real Scrum project with all of it's aspects (except the actual coding). 

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 Target Audience 

The course is targeted for anyone who wishes to gain deep understanding of Scrum & Agile. Attending such a course will provide the necessary tools for you to get started with Scrum in your own organization. 
This course has been taken by everyone connected to a Scrum Team: The Product Owner, Team members, managers, and other stakeholders.


Workshop Outline

  • Understanding the paradigm shift in software development.
  • Agile manifesto- What is it ? Where does it come from?
  • The Scrum framework.
  • Scrum values
  • Scrum roles - Team, Product owner & Scrum master.
  • Scrum artifacts - Product backlog, Sprint backlog, Burndown charts
  • Scrum ceremonies - Sprint planning, Sprint review, retrospective
  • Definition of Done
  • Team work - what does it really mean?
  • Agile estimation and planning techniques
  • Engineering practices commonly used in Scrum.
  • Self organizing team
  • Scaling scrum.



Unless otherwise stated, the workshop runs 2 days, 9:30 to 17:30.


What people that participated say:

  • "The final exercise made us very aware of the areas we need to improve" - Keith Nooks - (Sapiens)
  • "Entertaining, theory covered but able to keep your feet on the ground" - Ron Kitay (RSA)
  • "As a person that attended several Scrum trainings, i can definitely say this that was the best of them all" - Aviv Avital (EMC)
  • "Innovative, Interesting, I Like learning through games"
  • "I cant wait to start implementing these ideas"
  • "The  coolest training i have been to :)"
  • "Great training, excellent games, made everything clearer"
  • "The workshop has the right balance between theory for beginners and practical tools that are useful also for those on their Agile journey. The location is great - it's fun seeing the sea!" - Tarin Waizman (Thomson Reuters)


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