Developing software products and projects is challenging.
Adopting new ways of thinking is challenging.
It is challenging enough when doing it for one team with a relatively small number of people.
So how does one approach dealing with these challenges when the number people and teams involved increase?

At practical Agile we believe at doing "More with LeSS".

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The program goal is to provide new teams with the necessary knowledge, training, and guidance in implementing AUT/TDD development process. In several months we expect teams undergoing this program to learn the basic concepts and technique for writing automated unit tests along with skills to incorporate TDD into their development cycle.

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As organizations increase their agility, senior management is expected to adapt their management style to match. Paraphrasing on Conway’s Law, the architecture of the organization is limited by the architecture of its management teams.

Moreover, as the number of middle managers with significant agile experience increases, the potential for tension with traditional higher management increases.

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Scrum is the most popular Agile method and for a good reason, it is very easy to implement and understand, it is flexible and allows adjustments to fit your own organizations and suggests no flexibility with the core practices, this combination is very strong and proves itself again and again.

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Kanban, like other agile practices, is intended to help teams visualize their process, and to find problems that were hidden until before. Compared to other agile frameworks it offers greater flexibility and variability. However, this flexibility requires greater understanding of the underlying values in order for the implementation to be successful. We like to say that practicing Kanban is like "Playing in the Big Boys court"

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Any organization change is challenging, and transitioning to agile is no different. In fact, not always the benefit outweighs the effort. It is a good idea to determine what are the benefits we wish to achieve, and what is the best approach to reach them.

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Agile Clinic for Startup Leaders is a focused consulting session at Practical Software offices. It is a cost-effective way for startups leaders to get access to all Practical Agile and Practical Software experts without the need for a long term consulting engagement.

A focused session to analyze and suggest solutions for leadership and management dilemmas, organization structure, role definitions, work processes or development practices - including advanced engineering practices

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The COVID situation has helped us realize that there are organizations that need help and guidance on Agile related issues with minimum commitment and intervention. 

Such issues may include:

Organizational issues ■ teamwork processes ■ advanced engineering practices ■ and strive for change

This lead us to come up with a simple new service providing our availability for short consultation sessions.

The service includes unlimited email and WhatsApp support, and up to 3 hourly meetings on video or phone calls.

You can ask anything Agile related! See an example list of items below.

How does it work?

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