How often does it happen that a world leading Agilist arrives to Israel? Well - not often enough as it should. but on the 2nd-6th of November 2014 it happens...

A week with Johanna Rothman in Tel Aviv

Johanna is an expert in managing high technology product development, helping managers, teams, and organizations become more effective. She uses pragmatic techniques for managing people, projects, and risk, to create successful teams and projects. That's because every organization is unique--you have your own culture. Each project and program is unique. You need to optimize for it.

We know there a lot of value for you in attending one or more workshops with Johanna Rothman.

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That's it, the conference is over...

Thanks everyone for making this event such a success.

This page will include all information, links and materials related to the conference. If there is anything missing from it, if you have written a blog post or have something to add, please contact us at and we will add it.

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