Video recording of a webinar, covering two topics:

Stop all this scaling agile nonsense and start descaling, by Elad Sofer

Learn the chain of events that leads an organization, that often starts very lean and agile, into a big, hairy and complex unproductive machine.

Get Rid of Scrum Masters, by Ilan Kirschenbaum

Scrum Master is one of the least understood concepts of Scrum. It's not a manager, not a team lead, so what is it? If the role is so enigmatic, why keep it? 

Learn what is this role anyway, and what makes it so important.



Recorded on May 28th, 2018


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Dave Snowden speaking in Agile Practitioners Israel meetup. This mind-blowing talk on Complex Adaptive Systems and their relation to Agile Software Development took place in February 2014 at SAP Labs, Raanana, Israel

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One of the essential steps in effectively applying the TDD method is to understand how to leverage your test code in order to improve the quality of the system under development. At the last Agile Practitioner Conference, Lior talk titled:  “About Test Smells” discussed exactly that. In this session, Lior explained the general notion of Test smells, what is their meaning in terms of improving quality, and how one can learn to recognize them.

Below you can find the session in video (In Hebrew). 

If you have taken your first steps in practicing TDD and would like to know where to go next, this session is exactly for you.

We hope you will enjoy it (and if you do, feel free to let us know)

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