SM Week – Mastering Sprint Planning


Day 1

Lectures: Lior Friedman & Alon Linetzki

Mastering Sprint Planning

This one day workshop is part of the Scrum Master Week. You may choose to attend the entire week, or pick and choose the right days for you. 


You will learn how to conduct an effective Sprint Planning. Together, we will go over the different phases of a Sprint Planning. We will explore the things that need to be prepared before the meeting start, we will experience with various technique for improving the actual planning, and we will discuss how to move from the planning phase into actual execution.

Target audience: Scrum Masters, leading team members and Managers wishing to acquire skills & techniques to effectively plan their sprints. 

Workshop Outline

  • Introduction
  • Spring Planning Basics
    • What are the goals of planning sprint and of the “Sprint Planning” meeting?
    • The basics of planning a project from the big vision, through the release planning all the way into planning the actual work
  • How to prepare to a sprint planning in order to make it effective
    • Discussing the upcoming stories with the Product Owner
    • Pre-Planning and backlog grooming
    • DoR and DoD
  • Techniques for Task Splitting
  • Creating a true work plan for a sprint
  • Techniques for improved tasks estimations
  • Planning in a Multi-Tean setting
  • Moving from planning to execution
  • Using the plan to track progress

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